Final results of the Rapid Assessment of Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Services

Following the elaboration of the Evaluation documents by the team of authors under the guidance of the coordinators and their delivery at the end of 2022, the documents were made available in English and Spanish for comments from external experts from around the world, including the eight (8) ACTO member countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela). They were reviewed, systematized and adjusted, resulting in the final documents presented at the April 27-28 meeting of the Scientific Committee of the Evaluation.

It is expected that this important Assessment, as well as its products and results, will constitute strategic inputs that will provide relevant, timely, and rigorous information for decision making, strengthening the science, policy, and society interface, with the aim of guiding appropriate sustainable development processes in the Region and contributing to the implementation of effective public policies, based on findings, scientific and technical data for decision makers and other social actors related to the sustainable management of biodiversity.

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